Introducing Tetzle

After much work, I am finally taking the wraps off of my current project: Tetzle. The concept is simple: a jigsaw puzzle that uses tetrominoes for pieces. It’s been in development for two months now, and even though the game came along reasonably quickly I encountered some issues along the way.

The biggest issue was once again working with QGraphicsView. In the end, I gave up on it and switched to using OpenGL for rendering. Despite the hype, I’ve never had QGraphicsView perform well for me. Yes, my computer is not a very powerful machine, but it is plenty fast enough to play the things I’ve written with it! QGraphicsView is a wonderful API, but the performance is subpar. My current project translated quite well into OpenGL, so in the end it wasn’t too big of a deal.

I wasn’t expecting Tetzle to take very long to write, so I figured I would hurry up and make a playable version before talking about it. Unfortunately, it took me longer than I was expecting to write it, and I haven’t been able to devote all of my free time to it. Anyway, I’ve released a playable version. Go, enjoy! And tell me about any bugs!


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