Themes and scrolling in FocusWriter

I’ve been working on adding theme support to FocusWriter over the last few days, and yesterday I finally finished. It took me longer than I was expecting, although I chalk that up to it being gloomy and that was strangely demotivating. Here are some screenshots of the theme interface:

Theme Manager Modifying a theme

Along with adding themes, I also changed the way the text scrolls by default. It used to always force the cursor to center in the screen when the user pressed a key. I found this very jarring, so I have changed it to only center the cursor when you make a change off of the screen. This way it will re-center the cursor once it reaches the bottom of the screen, but not if you go up a line and make a change. Of course, if you prefer the old way of text centering you can turn it back on in the preferences dialog.


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