Choose your own statistics

After adding statistics to FocusWriter, I decided to make it more configurable than simply choosing which of them to show. I don’t like hardcoding values into any program, and the 350 words per page number was bugging me. It’s not the industry standard of 250, but it is closer to the number of words on in an actual book instead of a double-spaced manuscript.

To fix that I added the ability to select the number of words per page. Then I figured, since I’d done that much, I might as well allow the user to choose between characters per page, paragraphs per page, or words per page. And once I had done that, I figured I might as well allow the user to choose between an accurate word count based on whitespace and punctuation, and an estimated wordcount based on the total number of characters divided by 6 to match the industry standard. At that point, I decided that that was enough selection for the statistics.


2 Responses to Choose your own statistics

  1. Andre says:

    Hi Graeme,

    I just discovered FocusWriter through Lifehacker, and it looks like a great app that could potentially replace Q10 for me.

    One question though. Even when I have statistics checked in the Preferences, they don’t display in the footer. Am I missing a step to enable statistics? I’m using the Windows version.

  2. Graeme says:

    That’s weird! They should be on by default, and toggling should hide or show them. Are the daily goals and time showing up when you mouse over the footer? (I’m just trying to figure out exactly how much is broken for you.)