A new CuteMaze release!

It has been over a year since I last updated CuteMaze. I have worked on it since then, but my other projects distracted me so much I didn’t think about it. A few months ago I added zooming support, but moving was pretty slow when zoomed out. I finally got around to looking at it a few days ago, and I discovered that I could noticeably speed up rendering by caching the background. I don’t know why I didn’t do that from the start, actually.

Once I had done that, I decided that it was time to polish up CuteMaze and make a release. I don’t want the new features to sit for too long without people getting to use them, and a year is pretty long! Along with zooming, I also added support for hints. Other than that it is mostly code cleanup. I had intended to rewrite the maze generation algorithms, but I lost interest in that and I have pushed that off to a future release.

For anybody who has made themes, this new release changes the format from being a collection of SVG files to being a single SVG file. You need to put a transparent rectangle behind smaller elements to make them render at the appropriate sizes. It is a fairly easy change to make, and you can look at the provided themes for examples.

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