Small Kapow release

I have made a new Kapow release, version 1.3.3. I fixed a few bugs, and I added some small interface improvements: the projects that have no unbilled sessions are now colored the same as billed sessions, so that you can easily see which projects still need billing. Also, the system tray icon is grayed out while no timers are running, so you can quickly see if you have left the program running. Thanks go to Alberto Negri for adding an Italian translation.


2 Responses to Small Kapow release

  1. Guillaume Gay says:

    I am currently testing it under eComStation and it is very easy to use so far. Congratulations for this nice Piece Of… Software! (;-)
    I would gladly offer a french translation if you’re interested.

  2. Graeme says:

    I’m always happy to add translations to my programs! My email address is on the main website if you have any questions about the process.