Bugs, bugs, whatcha gonna do?

What better way to announce my return than with a bugfix FocusWriter release? That’s right folks, I have squashed yet more bugs in your favorite program! Along with fixing bugs I have added support for the same subset of ODT that I support of RTF. Unfortunately, there was a minor glitch with the translations of the Mac version that required making a second release. Thanks go to Epameinondas Soufleros for a Greek translation, and Daniel Nylander for a Swedish translation. Enjoy!


4 Responses to Bugs, bugs, whatcha gonna do?

  1. Aini says:

    I have installed FocusWriter 1.3.3 in my laptop which runs on Ubuntu 11.10. The typewriter sound won load. Can anyone help?

  2. Graeme says:

    You need to install the package libsdl-mixer1.2 for typewriter sound effects to work in Ubuntu.

  3. Aini says:

    I just installed the packaged and it worked! Thank you so much!

  4. Luis says:

    Hello, Graeme,

    I love Focus Writer (FW)! Thank you very much. My theme is background black, foreground black, and fonts light-grey, and then f11!

    With that and my imagination texts grow and grow and grow, and then… well, there it comes my suggestion. When my texts get too long I have problems navigating them. I come around it with scroll or search text. I could split my texts as well in several files, but then it would be more complicated to assemble them in the word processor for format.

    I had an I idea. I would divide my long texts into sections. Therefore I would make FW able to decleare some pieces of text to header 1, 2, 3, n whitout having to give it any format, so keeping FW its marvellous simple appearence. That index -the structure of the text- would then appear somwhere in the menu. I could click there the headers and FW would bring me to the beginning of that particular section.

    Does it make sense? Does it deviate too much from your idea of FW? I wish I could code to make it myself.

    Again, thank you!