More releases!

Good news, Tanglet fans! I have made a new release, version 1.2.0. This release includes some graphical improvements along with its new features. There is now the option to choosing how dense the board will be, as well as requiring words to start with more than 3 letters if you are looking for even more of a challenge. By default a list of how many words of each length that you have found is shown along the bottom. And finally, I made it a lot easier to share games by adding the option to import or export them.

I was getting tired of how the board was just a bunch of rounded rectangles, so I made the letters look like they are on actual dice. I also gave the timer bar some gloss as it was starting to look a little out of place next to the new board. These changes inspired me to create a completely new icon.

Many thanks go to Bentzy Sagiv for a Hebrew translation, and Bas Duineveld for a Dutch translation.


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