Another bug bites the dust!

I have made a small release of FocusWriter, version 1.3.5. I am working on some of my other projects at the moment, but I was made aware that paragraph alignment was being lost for awhile now. I decided to make a release after fixing it and without much else changed as I view any data loss bug, no matter how big or small, as extremely important.

I did add one feature, however, before being informed of the bug: exported themes are now gzip compressed for a nice space savings. I changed the exported theme extension to “.fwtz” along with that, so if you want to share themes with users of older versions of FocusWriter you will need to extract the theme and rename it to end with “.theme”.

If you find a bug in FocusWriter, please don’t hesitate to report it. Enjoy the new release!


7 Responses to Another bug bites the dust!

  1. I think I read a request somewhere for a FocusWriter theme repository (but can’t find the post now). There’s a good selection at Question is; any chance of a repository on the FocusWriter site?

    I’ve written a short piece about FocusWriter at Nothing else does the job quite the same – thanks Graeme.

  2. Graeme says:

    Thanks, I’m glad you like FocusWriter!

    The two biggest reasons why I don’t have a theme repository on the FocusWriter site itself are the fact that I haven’t taken the time to build one (or find an appropriate CMS to use), and that I haven’t wanted to deal with the hassle of take-down notices for user submitted themes. With how popular of a request it is, I may revisit that decision.

  3. raev says:

    You should really think about making a theme repository, or at least make a link to theme selection mentioned above.
    It was first after I found this theme selection that I really got into using focuswriter… Your program does now not only give me the ability to focus, but also a pleasant aesthetic writing process, which you cannot underestimate! 🙂 But either way thanks for a great program!

    By the way when I move the cursor down under til “word count / document tab”-bar, the bar disappears. Is this intended? Cause it seems really odd (I couldn’t find anywhere to report bugs, so you got it here instead 🙂

  4. Graeme says:

    Do you mean that when running fullscreen, you can mouse down past the bottom bar and it will disappear? If so, that is not supposed to happen. What OS are you using?

  5. raev says:

    Yes that’s what I mean… I’m using Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome Shell and Focuswriter 1.3.5. I recall that this also happened in previous Ubuntu versions, but I’m not sure..

  6. Graeme says:

    Thanks, with that info I was able to see the bug. I wish all bugs were that easy to fix!

  7. Thank you very much for your work! FocusWriter is my favourite word processor, and now after you’ve added the Ukrainian spell check and the Ukrainian translation of the program, I just can’t find the words to express my excitement! I wish you great success.