Brown paper bag release of FocusWriter

I have made a bugfix release of FocusWriter, version 1.3.6. This release is mostly to fix major regressions in the emergency cache, but it does also fix a couple of other minor bugs. Thanks go to Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér for adding a Danish translation.

It turns out that I broke the emergency cache for rich text files when I added ODT support. I don’t know how many people were affected, and I am very sorry if it caused anyone data loss. Please report any issues you have. I was only made aware of the problems with the emergency cache thanks to a user who did just that, but I would think other people may have been bitten by this before them.

I changed FocusWriter to force file data to be written to disk on save if supported by the operating system, instead of just flushing the output buffers. This is much safer, but it is also much slower. For now the emergency cache does not force writes to disk because of how large the pauses can be. I did reduce the frequency of the updates to the emergency cache to once every ten minutes.

To help reduce the length of the pauses I have started work on using a background thread for the emergency cache so that it can force data to disk as well; however, I don’t feel comfortable putting an untested behavior change in a release designed to fix the emergency cache and I will leave it for the next feature release.

To reiterate, this is a bugfix release only and does not contain any of the features I have been working on recently (such as line spacing or focus mode). Have no fear, I am still working hard and I hope to make a feature release in a few months.


2 Responses to Brown paper bag release of FocusWriter

  1. Todd Lucas says:

    In a few months? How evil are you? And I just found the perfect new background image for my workspace ;-p

  2. Graeme says:

    Isn’t anticipation supposed to be half the fun? 🙂