Go, little menu!

I am really excited and pleased with how popular Whisker Menu is turning out to be! It has already been added to some Linux distros, and both Manjaro and the Xfce edition of Linux Mint have made it the default menu! That is amazing, and I still can’t believe it. Thank you to all of those who have spread the word, reported bugs, and submitted translations!

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  1. William Houser says:

    Well hell, there’s really nothing else like it for Xfce. I was really excited when I first learned of it. I think it may have been the sole reason it took so long to come out with the Xfce spin of Mint 15. Now you should make one for lxde…lol…I use that one on a couple of my virtual machines. Awesome project! Prolly one of the most useful ones to come out for Xfce in a long time. I use it with Manjaro, and Arch on two machines.

  2. Graeme says:


    I just may have to consider writing a version for LXDE. Especially as they seem to be converting to Qt from GTK, and I agree with that decision. 🙂 A version for LXDE isn’t something I would bash out tomorrow as the code would need to be completely rewritten, but it is something I am going to think about.

  3. Pityiri Palko says:

    Please, please make one for LXDE!!! Great work!

  4. William Houser says:

    I just wonder why nobody has came up with this sooner. This menu may just be the one thing that brings people to Xfce, whom may be a little less than pleased with the plain menu.

  5. Luca says:

    yeah, I also agree with the other commenters: GREAT GREAT work!
    But atm I have to use xfce4-panel to use your great menu. I’d also like to see some desktop independence (razor-qt, lxde, …).

  6. pgradone says:

    This wonderful whisker menu is the main reason I’m switching from ultra-light LXDE to XFCE. From a newbie point of view, this menu is the minimum requirement anybody would require to switch from WinXP to Linux without going through Win7. Of course, a wisker menu for LXDE would add yet another reason. Keep up the good work!

  7. nightgoblin says:

    Great work dude! Really great. Any chance writing it as a fbpanel plugin?

  8. Graeme says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in porting it to other environments.

  9. Tassadar says:

    Hi graeme,

    I simply love your whisker menu and i REALLY want to have it in Lubuntu. I’ve spent around four hours trying to install it but I cant.

    I’ve read that it’s possible, but I have not been able to add it to lxpanel, is it possible?

    If it’s not possible, I guess I had to replace lxpanel with the XFCE panel, but I have not been able to, can you help me?

    Manu regards

  10. Graeme says:

    Well, Whisker Menu requires the Xfce panel, so you would have to swap panels. I don’t use LXDE, so I’m sorry but I can’t help you. You should ask on the Ubuntu forums and see if anybody else who is more familiar with Lubuntu can help.

  11. Tassadar says:

    Thanks for the answer, Graeme,

    I join to the group of people that thinks that it would be great if you made a version for lubuntu, i think this since the default start menu of lubuntu is like the one of Windows 98, so if one version of ubuntu needs your Whisker, that one is Lubuntu.

    I’ll try to change panel to xfce4, but I’d prefer leave lxpanel since it allows to have transparency on it without activating compositing while xfce4 requires activing compositing to it.

    Perhaps I’ll look for an alternative to your whisker, someone that can be used in lxpanel, althouth I assure you I would like a version of yours.

    Of course, congratulations and thanks for your great work.


  12. Tassadar says:

    Hi again, Graeme,

    Yesterday I told you I wanted a version of Whisker for Lubuntu. Thanks to the helping of ajgreeny in this thread:


    I’ve just make a way of having your whisker in a tiny xfce-panel and pxpanel by the side and now I have what I wanted.

    But I have a problem and I hope you can help me (please), the problem is that upper buttons on whisker menu are not selectable (button for shutdown, configuration…), they appears and even show tooltips but can’t be used.

    Could you help me to fix this?

    it’s what I’ve done:

    Install lubuntu
    sudo apt-get install xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin xfce4-panel
    Add whisker menu to xfce-panel

    In this moment those buttons are not selectable.

    Many thanks in advance

  13. Graeme says:

    Do you have the programs installed that it is trying to use for the different buttons? I would assume you would want to configure the menu (right click on the panel button and select “Properties”) to run LXDE commands instead of the default Xfce commands. As I am not familiar with LXDE, I don’t know what to suggest as alternatives, but the buttons work fine for me if I set the commands to run other programs.

  14. Fernando Vilas Paz says:

    I might have a fix for this.U can use both panels. 1 with a short xfce panel with whisker and 2 lxpanel with the exit option in the end, so u dont need to log out from whisker just use it to find apps or whatever.So.. steps i made:

    1 sudo apt-get install xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin xfce4-panel xion
    2 went to lxsession appside.xfce in the left
    3 in the launcher manager blanquet i set xfce4-panel (doing this, when u log in, bith panels will be launched)
    4 then i configured both panels side by side.xfce in the left 24 size with whisker,showdesktop and pcmanfm.On the right with a 91 size the complete lxde panel with time, conexion,etc.
    5 to finish i added right in the middle of the lxde panel one last element…menu. with this u can log out and also will have the classic menu.
    even if u dont want to add the panel u can log out usin the coman ctrl+ alt+ del

    i dont now much about linux but i think this could fit 4 u, at least fit for me

  15. Fernando Vilas Paz says:

    made a mistake with thge first step xp, fingers are big. just go to synaptic and install whisker and xfce panel

  16. Fernando Vilas Paz says:

    just in case someone are still interested i just found out how to make buttons logout and change user works.Just going to whisker menu edit and change the behavior where appears log out i set this /usr/bin/lubuntu-logout. And it works perfectly