Whisker Menu will be staying with Xfce

I’m sorry to disappoint the users who have been requesting this, but after giving it some serious consideration I have decided that I will not be porting Whisker Menu to any other desktop environment. I set out to make a menu for Xfce, and Whisker Menu relies on Xfce quite a lot throughout the codebase. I would have to redesign Whisker Menu to try and support different environments, and even then I would still have to completely rewrite it for some of them as they are Qt based and very little code could be shared between them. Again, sorry, but Whisker Menu will remain Xfce only.

One Response to Whisker Menu will be staying with Xfce

  1. Oliver says:

    Hi Graeme,

    I’m loving Whisker Menu, and XFCE so I’m glad to hear this. I do have one request – could you add the ability to theme the menu? Perhaps not so elaborate as to hook into the GTK theme, but a very simple three color theme option – font color, category background color, app listing background color. That way I could make it integrate a little more closely into the theme that I’m using. Thanks! (and thanks for the great, free software)