NovProg is alive!

It feels strange to bring an old project of mine back to life, but here we go: I have updated NovProg and made a new release, version 3.0.0! It has languished quite by accident, as I have been distracted by bigger and shinier projects. No more!

New in this release is a tab to show you the progress on each day. I find this to be far more useful than just seeing the total graph. The graphs now include bars to show you how much you have to do each day to meet your total goal, and the days which you meet it have green bars.

Daily graph

Daily graph

This is the first release for Windows that uses a static build of Qt. This makes the total install much smaller (a reduction from 48MiB to 17MiB is pretty significant), but it makes the executable itself much larger. If it works well I will be switching all of my future releases of the rest of my projects to work the same way.

Another new feature is the ability to specify a starting word count for your novel. So, if you’re already into a project, say a certain novel writing marathon in the month of November, you can jump in the middle. Enjoy!

2 Responses to NovProg is alive!

  1. bene says:

    Thank you! Synchronization with FocusWriter would be great.

  2. Graeme says:

    Unfortunately, FocusWriter and NovProg do not track the same information, so I don’t think synchronization would be possible. FocusWriter tracks the total change in words written as well as the total time spent writing for all open files, and NovProg tracks just the total word count for a single novel. Still, I’m glad you like the new NovProg release!