Whisker Menu 1.5.0 released!

Yesterday I released a new Whisker Menu, version 1.5.0, which includes the most frequently requested feature: the ability to change the background opacity of the menu. Of course, if you use xfwm4 as your window manager that will remove the drop shadow, but otherwise the feature works nicely.

Another feature added in this release was the inclusion of a small profile picture next to the username. You can set what program is launched to edit your profile when you click it; by default it tries to run the program mugshot.

I also made some changes to make it easier to use. If you add an item to the desktop from the right-click menu it will be made executable by default, so that you can launch it without prompting. Also, when you have the menu hierarchy shown, you can now click on the folders to expand them instead of having to click on the arrows next to the folder names. And finally, you can adjust the amount of recent items shown in the menu if you want more than 10.

In related news, Whisker Menu has become an official Xfce project! You can fetch the release tarballs from archive.xfce.org and the current source from git.xfce.org. It is also now part of the Xfce bug database, so I have closed the GitHub issues.

Enjoy! And, of course, please report any bugs you find.

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