Whisker Menu 2.7.0 Released

I did not expect to end up making as many changes to Whisker Menu as I did in this release. The menu is pretty well finished at this point, and has been for years. Still! There are always things to do.

What’s New?

You now can position the categories horizontally as icons above or below the launchers. This allows for a very Unity-like look to the menu. And you now resize by dragging the sides of the menu instead of the tiny size grip that has annoyed so many users! This makes the menu look more balanced visually as well.

The profile picture is rounded by default to match current trends, but you can set it back to a square if you prefer. Or you can even hide the username and profile picture entirely as has been requested for many years.

I fixed some bugs with the search results, and also improved the result relavancy by only matching as characters in the user-visible name. I also removed the sliding out of search results because of how unpopular it was.

I have replaced gdmflexiserver with dm-tool as the default for switching users. After all, GDM has not provided the old binary for many years. I have also added a new default search action to search for files using catfish.

There are several behind-the-scenes changes as well. I replaced the slots with lambdas, as previously blogged about. I added CSS class names to make theming easier. Stripping of release binaries is now optional. The icon has been renamed to match the new naming scheme of Xfce. And thanks to Matias De lellis, the menu can now use AccountsService for fetching the username and profile picture.


Source tarball



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