FocusWriter 1.7.0 released

I have released a new version of FocusWriter, version 1.7.0. There aren’t a lot of changes, but I bumped the version number for a couple of reasons. First, I did add a few minor features. Second, I have now switched to 64-bit binaries for Windows and I wanted to make that clear with a full version bump. Go forth and enjoy!

Bundle of updates

I was planning on following the new format for the release announcements, but since almost every single app has the same changes, it would be quite repetitive. I updated basically every single program to have better installers on Windows and the Mac, and fixed the compile process to not have extra warnings during release builds.

The important thing is that I updated to Qt 5.11, and this means that FocusWriter should be able to save to Dropbox! I say should because the bug report is closed as fixed, but I don’t use Dropbox so I can’t test for myself. Enjoy!

FocusWriter 1.6.12 released

I made a small but important release of FocusWriter, version 1.6.12, this morning. I have removed auto-save from FocusWriter because several users have contacted me about data loss related to it. I have not been able to solve those issues yet, so that safest thing to do for now is to remove it entirely and prevent other users from losing data. I have also tweaked the emergency cache to ignore completely empty cache files. This will also prevent data loss by not prompting to load from cache if there is no data to load. Let me know if you have any issues!

Another small FocusWriter release

I made a small bugfix release of FocusWriter, version 1.6.7. I fixed a few minor issues: the printing now no longer adds extra indenting; the window margin of the themes respects 1-pixel margins again; and finally the background of the text area is no longer incorrectly scaled on HiDPI displays. Enjoy!

More releases!

I just realized I forgot to announce the releases I made at the beginning of the month! Oops. This poor, neglected blog.

I updated all of my projects, and for the most part it was a very minor release that fixed an installation bug in Linux or updated the translations. Of course, FocusWriter had a few more fixes than the rest, but that is to be expected as it is a much more complicated program. And Tanglet actually had a feature release, thanks to Markus Enzenberger. If you have not yet updated, enjoy!

Small FocusWriter release

I made a small bugfix release of FocusWriter, version 1.6.4. This release mainly fixes issues with backgrounds on HiDPI displays. As I don’t have such a display myself, I did not notice these issues during development. Please enjoy!

Releases galore!

Over the past week and a half, I have made releases for all of my projects. Most of them were pretty minor, and just amounted to updating the translations (and fixing an issue where the Qt-supplied translations were not being properly loaded). Packagers will now need to depend on lrelease, because I no longer include the precompiled binary .qm files.

The projects with actual feature releases were CuteMaze, Hexalate, Tanglet, and Tetzle. For the most part, the features added will not be obvious unless you have a 4K monitor, because the biggest thing I added was support for high-DPI displays. I did also finish moving my projects to be Qt 5 only, and to use C++11.

As usual, report any issues you have. Enjoy!

Another FocusWriter release!

I just made a bugfix release of FocusWriter, version 1.6.1. This release has fixes for a few issues, primarily with OOXML files. They solve data loss, so if you are using FocusWriter with OOXML files I recommend you update immediately. The other fixes are much more minor, but still nice to have. Enjoy!

And finally … a new FocusWriter!

I am pleased to announce a new feature release of FocusWriter, version 1.6.0! It has been a long time coming. Anyway, new in this release are a few things that I know people will be very happy about: I relented and merged code that allows you to always show the user interface. I also added support for headings, so you can make your chapter titles bigger than the rest of your text. And quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work went into adding support for high DPI displays (which I don’t happen to have, so if my testing missed some things, let me know).

I also added four new themes! I don’t want to overload the install with too many themes, but I always felt the selection was a bit lacking. The original themes are still provided, of course, but they are now complemented by:

Bitter Skies

Bitter Skies



Spy Games

Spy Games



Go forth and enjoy!

Small FocusWriter release!

I have rather let my blog stagnate, which is a shame. I am bringing it back with the announcement of a bugfix release for FocusWriter, version 1.5.7! There are not a whole lot of fixes, and the biggest change is that I have switched to making the Windows builds from inside of Linux. End users shouldn’t notice anything different, but if you do have a problem please email me!