Minor Kapow release

I just made a bugfix release of Kapow, version 1.3.5, that fixes some minor bugs as well as a potentially serious data loss bug: it was not fully checking to make sure that it could actually read or write its data file. I have thankfully only heard of a single user that this bug may have affected. A Danish translation was also added by Rasmus Blomqvist.

With this release I am moving to a new release process for all of my projects that is similar to how larger projects work. From now on patch releases (1.3.5, 1.3.6, etc) will only contain bug fixes or translation updates, and no new features. I was not doing this before because of the overhead of maintaining more than one branch, but I think that it is better way to do things despite the headaches it may cause me. For the sake of my sanity I will only be maintaining a single stable release line at a time for each project.

The end of PowerPC support

I should have announced this sooner, but better late than never I suppose. I will no longer be creating new PowerPC builds of my programs. There are many reasons, but the biggest two are that my iBook G3 finally gave up the ghost, and that Qt has dropped support for PowerPC. I know that this is an inconvenience for some of my users, and I am sorry about that. Still, I hung in there as long as I could, but Apple has moved on.

Another day, another release!

I’ve had bug fixes and new translations for Kapow piling up for far too long, so I have made a new release, version 1.3.4. I also took the time to improve the application icon, which I had a lot of fun designing. I think it looks so much better now!

Thanks go to Krasimir S. Stefanov for adding a Bulgarian translation, Pavel Fric for adding a Czech translation, Guillaume Gay for adding a French translation, Ricardo Carrillo for adding a Spanish translation, and Sergiy Gavrylov for adding a Ukrainian translation.

Small Kapow release

I have made a new Kapow release, version 1.3.3. I fixed a few bugs, and I added some small interface improvements: the projects that have no unbilled sessions are now colored the same as billed sessions, so that you can easily see which projects still need billing. Also, the system tray icon is grayed out while no timers are running, so you can quickly see if you have left the program running. Thanks go to Alberto Negri for adding an Italian translation.

Small Kapow update

Today I made a release of Kapow that added the ability to filter what sessions are shown for each project. You can choose to see all items, only unbilled items, or only items that happened this year, month, or week. Beyond that there were the usual bugfixes and interface tweaks (for instance, it now shows the current project in the titlebar).

Bugfix Kapow release

I have released Kapow 1.3.1, which includes fixes for a few small bugs throughout the main window of the program. The biggest fixes were that the user wasn’t informed of all session conflicts, and that the totals row wasn’t always shown. Also in this release is a German translation contribued by Swen-Peter Scheel. Enjoy!

New Kapow release

I have made a new release of Kapow that changes the interface somewhat, while also adding the ability to make printed reports of your data that can also be used as invoices.

New Kapow release

I have made some improvements to the interface of Kapow. The largest visual change is that the projects are now listed in a sidebar. Because of this, you can now group related projects by dragging and dropping them on top of each other. I have also made adding and removing sessions and projects a lot more obvious by adding buttons for those purposes. Also, you can run two or more timers at the same time if necessary.

Kapow bug squashed

For several months now I’ve been trying to recreate a bug reported in the Mac version of Kapow, and I finally found it today. The problem was that I had been manually setting the column widths, but the version of Qt I included was ignoring that and not showing anything other then the last column. The fix was to let Qt resize the columns to the width of the contents instead. There is now a new release that fixes this bug. Enjoy!

Minor Kapow update

Upon request I added a note column to Kapow, so that you can see what different sessions were for. While I was working on it, I decided to also make use of some of the features of Qt’s MVC implementation and allow for inline editing. This is a small release, but enjoy.