And finally … a new FocusWriter!

I am pleased to announce a new feature release of FocusWriter, version 1.6.0! It has been a long time coming. Anyway, new in this release are a few things that I know people will be very happy about: I relented and merged code that allows you to always show the user interface. I also added support for headings, so you can make your chapter titles bigger than the rest of your text. And quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work went into adding support for high DPI displays (which I don’t happen to have, so if my testing missed some things, let me know).

I also added four new themes! I don’t want to overload the install with too many themes, but I always felt the selection was a bit lacking. The original themes are still provided, of course, but they are now complemented by:

Bitter Skies

Bitter Skies



Spy Games

Spy Games



Go forth and enjoy!

New Whisker Menu!

I am happy to announce that I have finally at long last made a new feature release of Whisker Menu, version 1.6.0! There aren’t a whole lot of new features, but that is because the menu is pretty much complete at this point. Some of the features have been sitting in git for quite a long time now (oops), like the ability to navigate categories using the arrow keys. Another new feature is the option to show tooltips on the application launchers. I also tweaked the search results to put results from favorites and recent before the rest.

I have also released version 2.0.0, which is a like-for-like port to GTK+ 3. There are no new features, just the requisite code changes to support a newer version of GTK+. I have been using the GTK+ 3 port for a while now, and for me it works just fine. It may be a while before users have it, though, because the dependencies are very new. I’m also not going to maintain backported libraries, so I will still be building GTK+ 2 packages for now.

If you have any issues, please report them. I cannot fix bugs that I do not know about. Anyway, enjoy the updated menu!

Small FocusWriter release!

I have rather let my blog stagnate, which is a shame. I am bringing it back with the announcement of a bugfix release for FocusWriter, version 1.5.7! There are not a whole lot of fixes, and the biggest change is that I have switched to making the Windows builds from inside of Linux. End users shouldn’t notice anything different, but if you do have a problem please email me!

Whisker Menu 1.5.0 released!

Yesterday I released a new Whisker Menu, version 1.5.0, which includes the most frequently requested feature: the ability to change the background opacity of the menu. Of course, if you use xfwm4 as your window manager that will remove the drop shadow, but otherwise the feature works nicely.

Another feature added in this release was the inclusion of a small profile picture next to the username. You can set what program is launched to edit your profile when you click it; by default it tries to run the program mugshot.

I also made some changes to make it easier to use. If you add an item to the desktop from the right-click menu it will be made executable by default, so that you can launch it without prompting. Also, when you have the menu hierarchy shown, you can now click on the folders to expand them instead of having to click on the arrows next to the folder names. And finally, you can adjust the amount of recent items shown in the menu if you want more than 10.

In related news, Whisker Menu has become an official Xfce project! You can fetch the release tarballs from and the current source from It is also now part of the Xfce bug database, so I have closed the GitHub issues.

Enjoy! And, of course, please report any bugs you find.

My wife’s book!

I normally don’t plug other people’s stuff on my blog, but I am making an obvious exception in this case. My wife has just published her debut novel, The Lady of Souls!

The Lady of Souls book cover

It is a grand adventure full of mayhem and mischief. There is everything you could want in a book: Magic! Trains! Ghosts! Strong women! It is set on a planet similar to a late 19th century Earth, but different in fun and imaginative ways. If you need more convincing you can read the first chapter on her website. What are you still doing here? Go, go! Buy her book, and enjoy!

For Praxis Fellows, greatness has always been a given. But life doesn’t always go according to plan, and now she finds herself half a world away from where she started. Banned from using magic, employed by the son of a railroad baron to realize a dead man’s dreams, Praxis’ life has become a sort of living death.

Kaedrich Mannly has never done anything of consequence. As the newest member of the household staff of Brindlewood Hall, his role in simple: stay out of sight, and do as he’s told. It’s a far cry from the dreams of his childhood, when he and his twin would rule their imaginary kingdom in the forest, but even if he was brave enough to take on the hero’s role these days, there’s too much at stake for him to risk stepping out of his narrow comfort zone.

When a mysterious beast attacks the local village, both Praxis and Kaedrich end up with more than they bargained for. Soon they find themselves bound together on a quest to discover the source of a growing breach between the land of the living and the dead, on a journey that will take them far beyond the walls of their quiet lives—if they have the nerve to see it through. Because as they both soon realize, saving the world isn’t quite the fate that they’d dreamed it would be.

You can get it from Amazon, Google, iBooks, Kobo, or NOOK.

NovProg is alive!

It feels strange to bring an old project of mine back to life, but here we go: I have updated NovProg and made a new release, version 3.0.0! It has languished quite by accident, as I have been distracted by bigger and shinier projects. No more!

New in this release is a tab to show you the progress on each day. I find this to be far more useful than just seeing the total graph. The graphs now include bars to show you how much you have to do each day to meet your total goal, and the days which you meet it have green bars.

Daily graph

Daily graph

This is the first release for Windows that uses a static build of Qt. This makes the total install much smaller (a reduction from 48MiB to 17MiB is pretty significant), but it makes the executable itself much larger. If it works well I will be switching all of my future releases of the rest of my projects to work the same way.

Another new feature is the ability to specify a starting word count for your novel. So, if you’re already into a project, say a certain novel writing marathon in the month of November, you can jump in the middle. Enjoy!

New FocusWriter release!

I have made a new feature release of FocusWriter, version 1.5.0. This has been far too long in the making, partly because I was very distracted with Whisker Menu. This release mostly focuses on code cleanup and other internal changes. There are a few user visible improvements, though.

I have added a daily progress dialog which allows you to see how many days in a row you have managed to reach your daily goal, labeled as a “streak”. It also displays the length of the longest streak of days in which you have reached your daily goal. It shows you how far through your daily goal you are each day by changing the color of the background of the date, and when you reach your daily goal it shows a star behind the date:

Daily progress dialog

Daily progress dialog

I have at long last completely and utterly killed the awful black-on-gray default theme. And there was much rejoicing! Ahem. Anyway, there are now four default themes included, and the default when creating a theme more closely resembles that of other word processors. I have added two useful visual effects to the themes, namely the ability to blur the background behind the text, and the ability to have a drop shadow. Also, I replaced the tabs in the theme dialog to be a scrollable list to make it easier to find theme options:

Themes dialog showing default themes

Themes dialog showing default themes

Theme edit dialog with a new theme

Theme edit dialog with a new theme

This release also marks the return of included dictionaries on Windows. This does bloat the installed size quite a bit, and I am still figuring out what I want to do about that for future releases. I added them back as too many users were confused by having to download dictionaries separately from third-party sites.

There is now a basic NSIS installer for Windows; however a ZIP download for portable mode is still provided.

Enjoy! Please report any issues you have.

FocusWriter 1.4.5 released

I have made a new bugfix release of FocusWriter, version 1.4.5. This release fixes quite a few smaller bugs. It will most likely be the last bugfix release I make before the next feature release, which if I hope to have finished soon. Enjoy!

On Break

I am taking a break from my open source work. Please continue to enjoy the projects until I return!

Whisker Menu 1.3.0 released!

I have just released a new version of Whisker Menu, version 1.3.0. The biggest feature in this release is probably the addition of search actions, which are inspired by the Xfce application finder’s custom actions. These are useful if you want to perform specific actions by typing something into the search field, and included by default are four example actions that you can change or remove. For instance, one of the default actions allows you to open your default web browser and search Wikipedia by starting your search with “!w” (eg, “!wopen source” will show you Wikipedia’s definition of “Open Source”).

This release also has a lot of smaller features, such as the ability to run arbitrary programs from your path by typing the entire program name into the search field. You can also now drag menu items to your panel or desktop if you do not want to use the context menu. Additionally there is more flexibility in configuring the command buttons, as well as the option to hide them if you do not need them. You can also hide the category or menu item icons by setting their size to “None” if you prefer a menu without icons.

I hope you enjoy this release! And, of course, please let me know if you have any issues.